Former Hollywood Assistant Screenshots Sexist e-mails from Boss


Former Hollywood Assistant Screenshots Sexist e-mails from Boss


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


A former Hollywood Assistant shares the various screenshots of sexist e-mails sent to her, accidentally by her boss, Michael Einfeld, a talent manager.  The catalyst for the sexist blasts against her was because she was to attend the March 8th, event, “A Day Without a Woman.”  Coincidentally, this is what frustrated her boss, Einfeld , and he sent her a sexist response unknowingly, thinking it was forwarded to only 2 male co-workers.  As a result, the disgusting messages sent to Rosette Laursen, would fuel more rage which ignited the fight against misogyny in the workplace.  Einfeld replied, stating that he refused to pay her for the requested leave of absence date; thus, insulting her with the following: “Are you f…ing kidding me, at the end of pilot season, someone should sew her vagina shut, I’m never hiring a girl ever again.” There were many more derogatory insults; such as, “uppity selfish C-t.,” in which Laursen decided to pursue legal action.  However, Einfeld didn’t respond to Laursen’s legal team, but has recently issued several apologies to Lausen, and the talent management team.  Einfeld also indicated that he “didn’t mean to hit the reply button, if you come back, we can play Nazi death camp, you can beat me, and put me in the oven…..I’m truly sorry.”  Laursen merely responded, with, “…..I quit.” Laursen has shared the e-mails via social media, prompting more awareness within the workplace, and sharing her unfortunate ordeal.




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