Murdered Woman’s body found during Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction



Murdered Woman’s body found during Hurricane Harvey’s Destruction


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


In the horrific midst of Hurricane Harvey’s destructive path recently in Houston, TX, a missing mother’s body was found in a wooded area.   Crystal McDowell had been missing since this past August, yet the storm made it difficult to create a proper search.  Crystal’s former husband was recently arrested based on circumstantial evidence; however, it was quite evident he had a motive.  There were several family and friends of the victim, in which they revealed eerie information regarding Steve McDowall’s character, etc.  For instance, a close friend also stated that “if he couldn’t have her,” Steve would certainly ensure that “nobody could.”  According to authorities, the suspect himself divulged pertinent information relating to her disappearance, and has been charged with his ex-wife’s murder.  Thus, the Chambers County Sheriff Dept. indicated that prior to Crystal’s death she had told her boyfriend she was going to drop off her children with her former husband since they shared custody.  However, that would be the last time Crystal would ever be seen again.  Tragically, Crystal McDowell leaves behind two children, ranging from 5 yrs. old, to age 8.



Source: MSN

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