Mexican Cartels Caution Travelers by Hanging Banners


Mexican Cartels Caution Travelers by Hanging Banners


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

Mexican Cartels hung various banners with an eerie message, warning travelers entering certain areas in Mexico: such as Cancun, Cabos, and Conzumel.  Cartel members posted the banners at tourist resorts, and explicitly stating that if one dares to vacation in those Mexican cities; there will be repercussions; such as death. Another banner from one of the rival cartels indicated that their mission is to “clean up the area, and remove petty criminals.” One of the messages also targets a state police commanding officer, Meraz.  According to media sources, apparently, the cartels are disputing territory over these locations in Mexico, and evidently succumbing to chaotic violence.  It’s clearly evident that these drug dealer criminals will disregard innocent bystanders, and as a result, have cautioned everyone to refrain from visiting these travel places due to their cartel war.  This latest news on cartels, establishes credibility in regards to the most recent travel advisory issued by the U.S. Department of State.



Source: 50-50 Entertainment

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