Harvey Weinstein to be Indicted Next Week per Page Six


Page Six is reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney is preparing an indictment against Harvey Weinstein.

Indictment expected to happen next week.

Harvey Weinstein, the deviant Hollywood producer, is expected to be indicted some time next week, per Page Six. Their report is the result of intel they received from law enforcement sources close to the investigation.

From Page Six:

The Manhattan district attorney will seek an indictment against Harvey Weinstein sometime next week, according to law enforcement sources.

The NYPD has been building a case against the predatory producer for allegedly raping actress Paz de la Huerta twice in 2010.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said last week the department is sharing information with DA Cy Vance’s office and the next step would be to obtain an arrest warrant to pick up Weinstein in Arizona, where he is in rehab.

But Vance instead plans on presenting a case to a grand jury first and waiting for an indictment, the sources said.

All in all, this is not a surprising revelation. Rumors had spread over the last couple weeks of the NYPD’s investigation, but this gives the rumor more credence. Weinstein checked himself out of sex-addiction rehab after only a few days, claiming that he was cured. This is widely viewed as a publicity stunt rather than real change in behavior/lifestyle. Now Weinstein will have to truly pay for his actions. What goes around comes around, Harvey.

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