Authorities may have discovered Journalist’s Headless Torso





Authorities may have discovered Journalist’s Headless Torso


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez


Danish authorities discovered a decapitated body near the South of Copenhagen, which is breaking news in regards to the search for missing Swedish, freelance Journalist, Kim Wall.  Forensics have been conducting DNA testing in order to determine whether the headless torso might be the remains of the journalist.  Copenhagen police indicated that the victim’s arms, and legs had been “deliberately cut off.”  However, the DNA results are pending in order to confirm if it is indeed, the 30 yr. old, journalist.

Kim Wall was last seen, this past August 10th, at Peter Madsen’s, submarine, a couple of weeks ago.   The journalist was aboard the inventor’s submarine home in order to interview him for her article.  Kim’s boyfriend had alerted the authorities about her disappearance.  Madsen revealed that he dumped the journalist’s body in the ocean because according to the suspect, “there had been an accident,” which caused her death.  Madsen’s submarine was also found at the bottom of the sea.  However, Madsen’s lawyer disputes the claim that his client made a confession, but merely shared information, stating that her cause of death wasn’t his fault.  Kim Wall was affiliated with the New York Times, the Atlantic, and other popular news publications.


Source: MSNBC, Gothamist

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