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Dead Bodies Stored in NYC Subway Bathrooms





Dead Bodies Stored in NYC Bathrooms


Elizabeth Zamarripa-Lopez

NYC Subway employees have filed complaints, and attained assistance from their Transport Workers Union because certain staff members are storing dead bodies in the nearest location; such as, the employee bathroom, or lunchroom.  This has been a prevalent situation in which, deceased passengers, are hidden in obscurity, so that the public won’t see the deceased body prior to the medical examiner’s arrival.  Employees have been traumatized by the unorthodox protocol which has been exhibited; for instance, La Shawn Jones, an MTA station agent, was horrified when she utilized the employee restroom facility, and saw a deceased person who had just ended his life.  Jones, added the following regarding her unfortunate incident, “very disturbing…the bathroom sink had blood, and no one cleaned up.”  Metropolitan spokesperson assured the media, and employees that they would take proper measures in order to ensure “comfort for our workers.”





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