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AWKWARD: Pelosi has to Prompt Crowd for Applause


In what seems like a weekly ordeal, Nancy Pelosi is acting crazy again.

The California Democrat had to keep prompting the audience to applaud her statements in a recent speech. Also, she calls for an end to the ‘bulleting’ of our youth. Weird.

The past year has been a whirlwind for Nancy Pelosi. Most of the time she doesn’t even know the name of our President. This time it’s getting even weirder. Now she is even having to get her audience to clap for her. While speaking to a LGBT group in California, she used the phrase “applause line” multiple times to prompt the audience to clap for her. It’s as cringe-worthy to watch as it is to read. That isn’t all, however. She also keeps using the word “bulleting” instead of bullying. It’s official. She’s lost it.

Watch Pelosi embarrass herself:

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