Alex Jones Assaulted by ‘Pot-Bellied Goblin’ in Seattle.


Rabid liberal bystander throws hot coffee on Infowars’ Alex Jones in Seattle, Washington.

While filming a live report on the streets of Seattle, Washington yesterday, a liberal psychopath decided that Alex Jones’ words were too dangerous. While Jones was trying to give the individual a platform to share his beliefs with millions of people, the man proceeded to assault the Infowars founder with a thermos of hot coffee. Thankfully the coffee didn’t seem to burn Alex too much, but this shows just how dangerous the streets are getting for conservatives or anyone that has a differing opinion from the Left. Watch the confrontation and Alex’s follow-up breakdown.

The left has no argument, only violence.

The assault in Seattle is just the latest in a long line of violence from the left. Conservatives and right-leaning individuals have long been the target for that violence. The mainstream media is trying to present any ‘opponent’ of the left as racist or a Nazi. The media is trying to crown Black Lives Matter and Antifa as the bastions of truth. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The battle for truth and information is all the more important. As I write this, Rogue Right Media’s own, Joe Biggs is in Boston where he will speak today at a free speech rally. Their will undoubtedly be trouble waiting, but as patriots and stewards of the truth, it is imperative that we persevere. Joe is doing just that. He is choosing to meet the left’s violence and anger with truth and calls for freedom. The left has violence while right has the truth, and we can never forget that.

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