YouTube Continues Discriminating Against Conservative YouTubers – This Time it’s Hunter Avallone


YouTube has continued its ongoing discrimination against conservative speakers, & this time, the victim is Hunter Avallone. Avallone is known for his takes on liberal media as well as his witty commentary. The focus of his most recent video landed him in the hot seat with YouTube – the video was a criticism of the Young Turks, a liberal media group. According to sources, The Young Turks are essentially white-listed on the platform, a clear and quite troubling fact.

Hunter’s criticism of The Young Turks was deemed “not advertised friendly”, while the original TYT video was allowed to stay up and is still currently monetized. Hunter’s criticisms were completely in-bounds and reasonable – but YouTube has decided to hit him where it hurts – his pocketbook, & demonetize his content.

Below are Emails Sent from YouTube Management


These emails clearly give you a behind the scenes look at YouTube’s bias. Aside from their condescending tone, YouTube (a Google subsidiary) is contributing to a much bigger issue – censorship. Here is the video in question. See for yourselves what YouTube doesn’t want you to.

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