Rabid Protesters Vandalize ‘Peace Monument’ By Mistake


Rabid ‘Defend Cville’ protesters attack and vandalize a ‘peace’ monument before realizing it wasn’t for the confederacy.

If you needed an example of why these groups that run around destroying history are dangerous, this is it. On Sunday, just hours after the Charlottesville protest turned violent, a group of protesters went on the prowl in response. The ‘Defend Cville’ group was looking for pro-Confederate monuments to tear down. Breitbart reports that these protesters made their way through Atlanta, where they came across the Peace Monument in Piedmont Park.

The protesters then proceeded to throw paint on the statue, hit it with rocks and sticks, and eventually try to bring the monument down. The group stopped their vandalism once they learned the true meaning of the monument.

Breitbart on the monument’s background:

“When the Civil War broke out, members of an Atlanta militia called the Gate City Guard were among the first to take up arms against the North,” the AJC blog said. “Afterward, some survivors became part of what would eventually become the Georgia National Guard.”

“Others, who felt they were too old to fight any longer, took up the cause for reconciliation,” according to AJC.

“These guys realized a national healing needed to take place,” Thornton Kennedy, a history buff in Atlanta, said about the inspiration or the Peace Monument.

“They organized a peace tour of the North, which is really remarkable,” Kennedy said. “These were guys who fought in the Civil War, against Union troops.”

“They would go meet with Union soldiers and began to repair those fissures the war created,” Kennedy said. “It speaks to what we call the Atlanta spirit.”

Destruction of historical monuments doesn’t reverse the past, only hides it.

It amazes me that people feel the need to pull down historical statues, even if they are regarding the Confederacy. What does it benefit anyone? The Civil War was a bloody and terrible war that no freedom-loving American would ever want to relive. That being said, tearing down the monuments that bring remembrance of that blemish on America history does not erase that history.

It would behoove us as Americans to view those monuments as warnings of how division can destroy us. Instead, the liberal left is prodding groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter to destroy those monuments as a form of ‘retribution’ to conservatives. Funny enough, it was actually the Democrats that were on the side of the Confederacy primarily. This is simply virtue signaling and posturing by the left. They need to promote a racial divide that just simply doesn’t exist. A few hundred racists in Charlottesville doesn’t depict our nation as a whole. America, don’t let the race-pimps divide us. Stand together!

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