A Conservative Jew’s Take on Charlottesville


A Conservative Jew’s Take on Charlottesville.

Tragedy stuck in Charlottesville, Virginia at a Unite the Right rally this week. A white supremacist decided to take the law into his own hands and rammed down and murdered a female Antifa protester. First thing is first, I condemn any acts of murder and violence from anyone, regardless of race, gender and religion. The individual person is to blame for their crime no doubt. How ever the racial tension, there are many factors to blame here, not just white nationalism and supremacist.  This is where the media and public figures on social media failed. 

First thing is first, I want to make a clear distinction between white supremacist and white nationalist.  I think with the position that I am in, can help open eyes, especially with the fact that I am proud American Jew who is also a very pro Zionist.  The Zionism issue is also something the people in the Alt right are even confused of. I took the time to speak to a few, who in my opinion aren’t supremacist at all.  Many of these people just regular blue collar Americans with families who care about the safety of their countrymen and are proud of being what God created them to be, white. I don’t see anything wrong with that because i am proud of being a Jew. God made you that way for a reason, not be a guilty of who you are but to make a difference in the world. Now as far as white supremacist goes, that is a whole different story. People like David Duke and Richard Spencer are well known white supremacist who especially lie about the Jewish people and the State of Israel. They deny the holocaust and hope for one to actually happen. Yes, Israel does have a deep state problem which is similar to what the United States has, but real white supremacist are feeding the wrong info to their people which causes the antisemitism in these groups.

I do condemn white supremacy, but there is another faction that was in Charlottesville, that for some reason is being ignored here. They are an entity that goes by the name of Antifa. This terror organization incites the resistance movement to topple President Trump just because of their feelings that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election which put a halt in their global agenda. Sadly many of these people are liberal Jews which are the majority of the Jewish population and i believe this is where a lot of the antisemitism became because of Antifa.  Reason I say this, ever since President Trump became the Republican nominee, typical liberals spread lies about our President in such a manner that they formed this group, and during the campaign, including the election, and up til now, Antifa acts and behaves like Islamic terror groups, which also include their liberal method of censoring conservatives. Their methods of rioting, looting, using Molotov cocktails, shutting down Pro Trump rallies. You can bet this will have a reaction from the right. I would like to know why these acts of terror and tyranny are being ignored? I also want to put on blast the hypocrisy of liberals, media and public figures. If you care so much about antisemitism why support the women’s march where two different Palestinian antisemitism helped organized the event, one of them was a Hamas supporter, an organization well known for murdering Jews, and the other actually murdered Jews, where was the cry for antisemitism then?

I don’t affiliate with the alt right but I am an American conservative and live by the constitution of the United States, which means i stand up for the right of free speech. Even if you don’t agree with message people have the right for their voices to be heard, and censoring them is wrong. I would like for media as will as our President and his administration to condemn censorship since it is unconstitutional and that is also not what America is about.  Free speech applies to all Americans.

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